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Dec. 30th, 2012


Where is Santa Now?

The anticipation of Christmas is over. The gifts are given, special foods have been consumed, festive music is finished and Santa is, Santa is, well where exactly is the fat red man?
As I child I was led to believe that he returned to the North Pole, to rest, eat, and began to once more plan for the next Christmas. Now I’m an adult and I dont believe that one bit. Why you might ask, because if I was Santa I wouldn’t just go right back to work. He has magical powers. He can be anywhere in the world in the blink of an eye, thanks to his flying reindeer, he can shrink and slip down chimneys, and his bag of goodies has an endless bottom. So with all that said, why not use some of those work related benefits and enjoy himself. I would!! Right now I can picture him on the beach in Cozumel, sipping blue frosty drinks. He would be reading the latest edition of People, not making notes of who is already being bad or good. After a few days of sun then I can see him hopping on to the sleigh and heading to Sweden, to ski a bit and of course partake of the famous licorce. The reindeer could frolick in the snow while Santa sits by the fire surround by snow bunnies. Maybe he would go to Thailand for a special massage, or to Texas for Tex Mex cuisine or he might even come here to Grand Junction to listen to some live music, like Jack and Jill.
So next time you think about Santa, instead of assuming he is working at the North Pole, picture him out having a good time, using his magic to have some fun and if you do see him, tell him I said Hi.

May. 19th, 2012



Hummers in my back yard, with the Colorado National Monument in the distance.

Apr. 29th, 2012


death of a love one

...the pain of surgery still directs me, but oh so subtle
....in another part of the world, tears flow as death finds ways to pierce the tender hearted, and parents say goodbye to their lovely daughter..
I'm still in healing of surgery, but my cousin lays his special teen daughter to rest...oh more the pain he suffers...oh if i could give my energies for his healing, i would...

Flying lessons

It was such an effort on my part, and she seemed so ungrateful, she wasn't even trying. When they came to me and asked me to teach her, I thought it was a strange request, how could i teach someone to fly. No one ever taught me, and I had bruises to show. Besides why would I want to teach someone like her? Long ratty hair always in her face, mental instablility, and self absorbed attitude- that was her.
We began down on the dirt road, I closed my eyes, put my hand on her shoulder, and passed on energies. I began to rise, but she just stood there. I took her up in the rolling green hills, and still nothing happened. I explained to her the elation that must rise up inside to lift the body.
The outcome, well nothing worked. Maybe I'm to blame, or not. I don't think she was ready for such freedom, she was scaired. And until she is ready, no one can help.
I thought the powers that be would confront me, but I think this was not only a test for her, but for me.

The young lady in this dream is a client I work with.(it is always strange when I dream about clients) And often I hear her speak of wanting more, and I try and help her with her desires, goals, etc...to no avail. But this dream reminds that flying in dreams, or life, is such freedom and I should take more time with her so she can grow her wings. Sometime I become jaded and if dreams can help soften my heart than so be it.

Apr. 19th, 2012


Summer of Surgery

I have lived with foot problems for many years. But over the last 6 months the pain has escalated and I cannot ignore it any more. This is going to be the "Summer of Surgeries", for me. Not one foot but both must be fixed. I will be off work for 5-6 months, that isn't too bad, but what is bad, is I wont be free to do what ever I like. I cannot weight bare for 6-8 weeks after each surgery. I'm pretty social and so being stuck at home, for 4 days straight, (as my husband works 4 days on, 4 days off) is going to become an issue. Yeah, I have friends that could come and take me out, but I dont want to be a bother. So far I've stocked up on magazines, checked out books from the library and I have netflex and my computer. I also have pets that will help make my day fun.
With all that said, I've actually had the first surgery. Thank goodness for pain meds, a very patient man and lovely daughter who helps when she can.

Mar. 5th, 2012


Bruno the Veiled Chameleon

This is my baby, captive bred Veiled Chameleon. He lives in a large vivarium and eats small crickets and dubia roach nymphs. His body is slow moving, but his tongue is quick. He does change color, with his mood, or when he is try to warm up or cool down.

Sep. 28th, 2011


No matter

i've come to the point
i've come to realize
that we have so combined that your battle is mine
my laughter yours, your tears mine

we came from where? we came together how? no matter...
I am you and you are me

stop....look....10 years from now
stop....look....20 years
can you still hear me? through the silver, through the words of youth,
through the smell of coming death

and the laughter lingers...

Jun. 26th, 2011


Vega Lake, Colorado

Jun. 13th, 2011


Writer's Block: Time to move on

the wild flowers and ice cold microwbrew

Jun. 10th, 2011


in blue velvet

...the night's not early or late
but quiet after such a busy day... and finally i feel relief, and yes I'm eager and yes I've been waiting...

pale, tender skin, fills the silence ,flowing hair that i long to stroke...i feel her breathe and her heart beat quicken....and i want her to touch me and i want her to sing in my ear, and i want for things that have yet to be spoken and yes, my mind is not so clear. because of her sweet aroma...at the foot of the stair case i stand, dressed the part in my death shroud of blue velvet, for ever longing just to hold her hand...
in life's rose garden she is the sweetest flower sublime, and until the day when she no longer blooms, until the day she no longer shines I'll linger in this life like place until i can make her mine.

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